About Us

We are a group of Catholic home school families in the Michiana area of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, which includes the South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and Niles areas. Please feel free to take a look around to see what we have to offer to you and your family as a support in your decision to home school your children in the Catholic faith.

We have joined together to promote and support Catholic homeschooling. Our goal is to be good Catholic examples to our children and the community and to teach our children to know, love, and serve God and His Holy Church. We support moral and academic learning at home in the context of a wholesome family life and hold our Faith as an integral part of the learning experience.

Our group does not issue directions on how each member must pursue home education, but rather serves to assist in the learning process. We supply this support through our yahoo group listserv, as well as through occasional gatherings for learning and fun, through mutual prayer, and through facilitating individual and interfamily contacts.

Our Faith - We are a Catholic network, that is: one in which the members believe and uphold the faith of our Church. While each of us may place emphasis on a different area of the Faith, we all hold to the historic creedal elements. This does not exclude us from interacting with other home school groups and supporting home education elsewhere, but it does affirm our "center of gravity".